Vehicle Info

Vehicle information may be entered directly to sell a vehicle, without using the inventory database.
The database should be used to store and retrieve vehicles available for sale and to create reports on these vehicles, while they are in inventory. You can create reports and save them as files to keep track of what your inventory was like at specific times.
The database are Microsoft Access Databases and can be opened viewed and edit records using any version of Office. Do not attempt to modify the database with office as this may make it unreadable to the Lease + Loan Master.
The database files are:
Vehicle.mdb, vehicles2.mdb and vehicles3.mdb and they are located in the Lease folder.

When the database is open (noticed by the appearance of the tool bar at the bottom)
Any changes you make are automatically saved as you move from record to record.

LOAD This button Loads the vehicle from the Database to the Current Transaction and closes the database.

CLEAR This button Clears the current record from the screen. it doesn’t delete the record. it is used to clean up before entering the parameters to look for.

SAVE This button will save the Vehicle displayed in the Database. this should be done when a vehicle is taken into inventory.

DELETE This button will remove the current record from the DataBase.

ALL This button selects all records from the DataBase. You may then use the arrows to move from record to record

FIND After entering the Search Parameters you may press this button to search the DataBase. You may then use the arrows to move from record to record.

GRID  Shows a spreadsheet of your inventory, you can sort and re-sort by dragging the titles to the left column

Clear Vehicle Clears the Vehicle information only.

Inventory This will enable the Inventory Data base.

To search for a particular vehicle just enter the known fields and click the Find button.You can also use partial fields, the first few letters of of relevant boxes. if you need to search using the last then enter a Star character [*] in front.

Save Vehicle This will store the vehicle with the current changes.

NCPM This will open the file manager to choose the New Car Price Manual in your NCPM Directory. Recalling the File from the Lease Master will enable the capture of the last vehicle viewed and load it into the Vehicle information module.

Report This will create an inventory report. We include a complete set of listing and graphic reports like the one below.

Recall Trade-in This will open a search box to recall a prior transaction and retrieve the trade in information and load it into the vehicle information
Markup/Adds/Vehicle 2 and 3 Box

The Mark-up Box is where you may enter the Mark-up that you are being charged for the vehicle from the Source (the Dealer if you are a broker or the factory if you are a Dealer)

The pictures above show both displays, one for a Dealer and another for a Broker, you may change from one to the other on the fly from the Status pull down menu.

In the case you are using the multiple vehicle mode this box will include the cost of the second and third vehicles.

Fleet Mgr. mark-up/ Advertising/Vehicle 2:

This amount is added to the cost of the vehicle .

Flt Doc Fee/Service/Vehicle 3

This would be the documentation fee charged to you by the selling dealer or the charge for preparing the vehicle for you by the source.

Flt Rebates/ F. Incentives

This amount is credited to the cost of the vehicle as a rebate or factory incentive.

If you wish to pass along the rebate to your customer on a sale you should not enter it here, if you wish to pass it along on a lease then you should enter it here and then add cap reductions until the Drive Off exceeds the Cash Down by the Rebate amount.

Total of Repair Orders

This is for items added to the vehicle by the source, not you. If you wish to add any accessories you should show them in your recap module.(when they are specific to a deal) if you are adding equipment to keep the vehicle in inventory then you may want to enter it here.

Repair Order/Addition Module:

The Advanced defaults includes a new option to have the Repair Order Module Activated

This will let you itemize 14 additions to the vehicle while it is still in inventory.


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