Company Profile

Started in 1985 Lease+Loan Master was created as a DOS application offering color and multiple windows while most other systems used amber or green screens on single window views.

In 1989-90 As the Windows interface was introduced Lease+Loan Master was converted and adapted to work in this new environment, pledging to keep up with the times Lease+Loan Master has been updated continuously as new Windows environments become available. The program detects the version of Windows you have and adapts itself to run in it. Lease+Loan Master is Windows 98, Windows 2000,Windows Me Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8

Windows,XP and ,Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporaton.


We Keep it Simple!

Our Users love the easy point and click system. If you know how to use Windows you know how to use the Lease+Loan Master... If you don't we will teach you! We provide support via toll free 800 line, the Internet, PC Anywhere, or Email.


Our Mission
  To provide automotive finance and lease professionals with state of the art computer systems and the control they need to modify choices and keep up with the changes the industry requires.
Contact Information

We believe you should be able to reach us when you need us so we make every effort to answer all phone calls even if the office is closed we forward the line to cellular service or home in 90% of the cases the call will be answered by our technical support programmers directly. We find this keeps our level of customer satisfaction the highest in any industry
22287 Mulholland Hwy
Suite 128
Calabasas CA 91302
Toll Free (800) 701-6686
Phone (818) 591-0631
Fax (818) 488-5155

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