From our Used Car Dealers...


We have had all the other products out there, from the Dinosaurs of the eighties to the web based nightmares, I have no idea why so much money is wasted in attempts to re-invent the wheel...
This product is in one word... Easy!

My customers and their information are safe in my own PC, not flying over the world wide web at risk of being stolen by some hacker. I love the way this program helps me get down to the point when preparing a sale, and the ability to make on the fly changes as I present my customers with options is amazing!

At last, I found a program that saves time! After years of spending more time to learn the thing, and fix the bugs, than the time they where supposed to save me, rewriting deals is not why I'm in the car business.

There is a feature in this program that no other program has, it's called "Duplicate Deal". As I work my deal, instead of editing the calculation each time, I use the duplicate deal feature to make changes on a copy, where I can make a few changes to other parts of my 4 square, Sometimes I end up with 20 Loan Masters on my screen!. Each with their own unique calculation, When the time comes for my buyer to choose, all it takes is a single click to bring up the winning quote. This is the only program that helps me close in this way.

I just love the Follow up tools and prospecting, but the winner is the phonebook, where I can start typing anything, from a serial number to a phone number and the matches are shown instantly, Lease & Loan Master makes me feel in control.

I run a busy F&I Department, sometimes we have three to five customers ready for contracts, and rushing them through can be expensive for me because I could end up loosing the sale of aftermarket items...
With Loan Master I can set up all five deals using the idle time while the customers in front of me are thinking about my product offer, I could be setting up three or four scenarios for the next customer while the current transaction is still on my screen. Sometimes I have readied all five deals to the point I don't have to do anything but sell, and when they give me the ok all forms are printed in seconds with a single click.

I used to believe I could 10 key and hand write a contract faster than anyone using a PC...
And I was right when compared to all the so called F&I systems out there, between the time wasted in the five times they had to run a contract through and the PC's crashing, loosing data and having to rewrite contracts, I always ended up ahead.
But this program is so simple and intuitive, it has actually saved me both time and money! I can now offer my clients options I would have thrown in just to avoid rewriting a contract.

Everyone that has been in the car business long enough, knows the largest profit on a sale or lease is made in the contract office, when questions and answers can lead to the sale of aftermarket and the transaction financing terms are changed to fit a client's request.
Today's programs have abandoned this potential by hardwiring themselves to lenders and marketing tools, that have turned us into order-takers. To the point some dealers no longer control the deal.
I Found Lease & Loan Master to be a refreshing alternative!

Computers are supposed to work for me, not the other way around!
Some of the competitors of this program have made me feel I worked for them, from dealing with patronizing support representatives to reducing myself to entering my customers info on a web browser and letting the bank close the sale, at a rate that was going to put me out of business!
Another name for this product is "Survival Kit"

I am a Dealer, this program let's me Deal
Enough Said!

I was using another program, it was difficult to use because it required a bunch of steps to get any results, when I finally had all the information entered I was lucky to get the main contract typed before I received a callback from the bank with questions about another deal.
When I got back I realized my deal was gone, but since the contract was typed I thought I was safe, then my customer asked how much a set of floor mats cost and to avoid having to go through it again I threw them in at no charge. A few minutes later the customer asked if I would agree to let him keep his trade in and sell it to his nephew, I said No.
looking around my office he asked what the Etch product was, I replied it was Garbage but upon his insistence I ended up throwing that in too!
By the time I recapped my deal I realized I had given away 170.00 in mats and a potential 300 in the Etch sale, but the worst part was when I realized the pay off on the trade was more than it was worth and we had a 500.00 over allowance in the original deal!
That kind of thing is why your program is so great, It keeps me on top of the deal, and I can open others without closing the current one, and saves it without having to think about it. Leasemaster is a program that let's me decide what is important.


From a New Car Dealer...

We use Lease+Loan Master in our Showroom, with 6 terminals, we where the only Dealer to have the new Ohio Tax changes by the due date, you have the right reports and have always been there for support.
The reports I like the most are the F&I and Gross reports in the MTD files, they let me filter them by Manager and are the basis of my commissions.
The F&I Menu is a great feature, it enables us to offer all products to all customers.
The Deal Worksheet helps me compare quotes and walk my customer from quote to quote, Its an excellent closing tool.
As I continue to tell you, you make my job easy!
And now with 100% Quickbooks it's a complete DMS

J. M.

Another New Car Dealer...

I will recommend this program to anyone in the Auto, Truck RV Boat Finance industry, It is unlimited!
I have never had a situation where I could complain.
If you have any doubts... Call me!

K. S.
Kia Dealer

From a New Car Auto Broker...
I don't know a thing about Computers, But I have been in F&I at various New Car Dealerships since 1983, I used the old Oakleaf 350, and the R&R, Coin, ADP and DCS systems. Lease & Loan Master makes me feel powerful in my ability to quote, close and contract, manage and account my business, these tools feel comfortable. Sure they make improvements but they always keep in mind we get used to doing things the same way, and unlike Microsoft and others they keep things simple and clear, making the program familiar and friendly.
I wouldn't be in business without it.

J. F.
Woodland Hills CA

From a Used Car Dealer/ Auto Broker...
I have used your product since 1988 (when it was a DOS Program) I have a Lease+Loan Master in every office at my Store in Agoura. I could not face a day at work without it.
The constant way in which this program continues to grow and improve says a lot about your dedication.
Thanks for being there! I couldn't imagine anyone using any other program.

John Chudacoff
Ultimate Auto Connection
Carlmel California

From a Used Car Dealer...
You are the Best!, I love this program, your tech support is always there, and if I ever have a special situation and need a change, you take care of it on the spot. That's what I call SERVICE!

S. B.
Auto Plaza
Fort Worth Texas

From a Boat Dealer...
Wouldn’t it be great to have an F&I program and a boat, motor and trailer unit sales program that would really work and be affordable for marine dealers? Automotive dealers and even RV dealers have had access to many sales and F & I programs, which work quite well in their industries and have been relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The Marine dealer on the other hand has consistently been the stepchild. We have had to accept computer programs which were written for auto dealers and then modified so much that they no longer function properly and are difficult to use or be forced to spend considerable money on "modules" from companies that insist you buy their accounting modules, parts modules, service modules, etc. Well, now there’s a solution!

Lease+Loan Master, a division of leasemaster.com in Calabasas, California now offers a truly powerful yet easy to use sales and F&I program for marine dealers at a very affordable price. Simply enter your boats, motors and trailers into the vehicle section of the program, mix and match different boats, motors and trailers to come up with exactly what your customer wants. You can store an infinite amount of accessories into a database and add up to 17 of these to your deal. You can then provide a quote for the customer, the fees he will need to pay, taxes, dealer prep and even the finance charges and monthly payments if he wishes to finance the package. You can break out the boat, motor and trailer, sell only the boat or only the motor or trailer or any combination thereof. Out the door prices can be negotiated instantly right on your computer screen by changing the finance terms, length of contract, down payment or modified cash price. All customer information can be entered and stored for additional quotes at a later time. Deals and quotes can be saved indefinitely and reports can be generated showing your profit picture for each deal. Closing the deal is easy because the program generates all the necessary forms such as the retail sales order, state fee application forms, retail installment contracts and whatever other forms you may need to complete the deal. The program even has a letter section where you can store and recall a "thank you" or "service reminder" letter. The customer can also enter credit applications over the Web and you can print forms from remote locations.

What was really a surprise to me was speed at which the guys at leasemaster.com customized the program to fit my needs, always listening and never saying NO. Plus they keep their promises! The program comes can be downloaded with Videos that walk you through procedures, but if you have a question you can call them anytime 24/7 or simply click help and have one of the support representatives call you back in a few seconds. The program is stable and works well with other programs in the Windows environment. When you use the program it is very obvious that the guys at F&I Systems really listen to their users, as I keep learning the program already includes features I ask for. Working with computer F&I and sales programs for 15 years I’ve tried many of the other programs out there and I can honestly say that 10% of this program exceeds 100% of any other I tried to work with.

Like they say…They are making me want to kiss the screen!

R. D.
D. Boat Works, Inc.
Donna, Texas 78537


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