Tools Menu

The Tools menu provides access to the following features:

1- The Amortization Tool, where you can estimate a pay-off by using the Rule of 78 method.or simple interest It calculates the pay off including the expected number of payments made. It also prints a report of payments showing what should be principal and interest as well as the Pay off in each payment period.


- The Luxury Tax Box. (See page 17)

3- The Status Pad (See page 27)

4- The Rollback where you may "roll" the calculations to match a desired payment and you can choose the item that will be changed.

5- The Month To Date Report where you can get a printout of choices from 80 items from each transaction from the color of a vehicle through profit calculations and mailing labels

This report may be viewed on the screen, printed or faxed directly to your C.P.A. You may copy and paste to other applications and spreadsheets.

The unique feature of this Month To Date Report System is that there is no Database to maintain or update when a customer moves or a change is needed. The Lease Master stores all your sold transactions in a separate Directory in your computer (:\LEASE\LESD.WRK) The Month To Date File only contains a list with the last name, stock number, and date of the transaction. When you request a report, the program checks the list and recalls each transaction to retrieve the information needed. So if your customer moves you only need to update the transaction in the sold files and your reports will be correct.

To get a report all you need to do is to select the FROM and TO dates using the mm/yyyy format as displayed, and 4 items from the drop down lists below. Note that the items in the drop down lists include one of four codes:

For numerical items that report on Leases only.

For numerical items that report on Purchases only.

For numerical items that report on both Leases and Purchases.

For non-numerical items such as descriptions and names.

The Check boxes will add their respective items in front of the four selections, When you see a selection surrounded by brackets it means it covers more than one item per line and the program will disable the unavailable drop down boxes.

You can also Memorize the MTD report and add to a drop down list below, by choosing the ADD button all the current selections will be stored with the description you enter


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