To do Files

The TODO file is a simple Planner where you may store short messages that will become active on the due date and add up the TODO counter at the Home Screen.

It is possible to store items in the TODO file, years in advance. For example you can remind yourself when a lease is due to end 3 or 5 years from now. In those cases the file will not display the item until the Year is the current one.

The Replace and Delete buttons are disabled until you have selected one of the items from the lists above by double clicking the item. Then the item will be listed in the editing windows below and you may modify and press replace or simply delete the transactions that are done.

The information is stored in the file TODO.DAT in your LEASE directory, you can also view or edit this file with the WINDOWS NOTEPAD.

To add an item simply enter the information on the lower boxes and click the Add New button, the Date should be entered in DD/MM format and the year in four digits. the "Filter 30 days" button toggles to "show all" when pressed.

The collection module will write reminders to the TODO file for you automatically.

To enter the TODO file you may choose TODO from the tools menu or click the "You have 1 item TODO today" message when displayed.

Recall Trade-in This will open a search box to recall a prior transaction and retrieve the trade in information and load it into the vehicle information


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