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Sales Manager

Sales Managers have very specific needs, they almost require custom software to computerize the way they do business and they are not likely to let a computer guy tell them how to run their business.

Your sales force can work multiple customers at the same time, Email directly to prospects and search the inventory for information you control 100%

Desk and F&I Manager can be ready for an offer before it is brought in by the sales representative, and quotes can be sent back and forth in the negotiation process. Documents can be scanned in so the credit manager can process them without the risk of misplacement.

Grow you operation from a single terminal to as many as you need keep everyone connected or separate, print your forms and window stickers, and stay on top of the funding's.

Keep separate lots connected, send deals back and forth with ease.

Use the included sales tools to compare options, deals and cars to help close the best deal, and keep the information ready for audits or questions that may come up in the future.

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