Month to date Store


After completing the delivery of a vehicle and closing the lease or sale you should store the transaction in the Month to Date Files.

This file (MTD.DAT) keeps three items stored for each transaction:

The last name of the customer.

The date of the transaction.

The stock or deal number.

With this information the Month to Date Report may recall each transaction from the Sold Files and create a complete and up to date report that may help follow up with previous customers, make mailing labels or aid in the accounting of sales and taxes.

The Stock or Deal number must be unique for each transaction and we recommend that the last 4 digits be consecutive. This is made easier by showing you the previous files before you store the new one. A stock counter may be started by double clicking the stock number box at the Home Screen or in the Vehicle Info Window.

The Month to Date storing module also allows you to store the file in the Sold Files Directory and Remove the Vehicle from Inventory.

You can edit this file by selecting File, Defaults, Edit MTD File if needed and the File Organizer can Re-Create the entire file for you too!



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