We can customize our DMS to meet your specifications at the same time reducing the cost associated with the signup of a New Car Dealer, you are constantly asked for a less expensive solution that continues to satisfy your reporting needs..

The latest improvements by Quickbooks to allow Windows based software to enter and extract data directly opens a new option to the New Car Franchised Auto Dealer.

With Quickbooks you can manage and operate parts and service departments as well as business office financials with ease, and your Lease and Loan Master can manage and operate the Sales Department, constantly updating Quickbooks with entire deal journal entries, and the Service department internals can immediately modify vehicle cost in the Vehicle inventory database.

With the incredible diference in cost you can splurge into making more terminals available to be used by a better equipped salesforce directly connected to the desk, and a business office that no longer has to argue with the sales department over procedures, when they can pull a deal as it occurs without having to wait for a systemwide update.

Your sales force can work multiple customers at the same time, Email directly to prospects and search the inventory for information you control 100%

Desk and F&I Manager can be ready for an offer before it is brought in by the sales representative, and quotes can be sent back and forth in the negotiation process. Documents can be scanned in so the credit manager can process them without the risk of missplacement.

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