New! .NET is HERE!  Check out the New WEB Credit Application
This new feature (under Construction) will enable your customer to enter all his/her information on the Web,and place your Email in the form. As soon as they click the form, you will receive an Email with an attachment, when you double click the attachment the Lease Master will pop up with the information filled in.
This is just the beginning! we will soon have input screens for the entire deal!
TRY IT OUT TODAY (Must install latest update first) Click Here
  New 3 Inventory Data Bases
  OHIO SETUP instructions:
  NOTICE: Now you can get your credit reports through your internet connection (toss that old modem use your dsl or cable instead), call for details.

Ask about enabling the Menu on your program. (see image above)

  Includes updates to the Menu Selling feature on your program.
(see image above) New Compare Deal Print output too.
  New Indiana LA&H rates.
Improved zero Apr, now you can start a deal by simply entering the term and payment, it will start a rollback to Price and you may add the rate later.
Get the Margin on your Recaps!, More inventory error control.
Improved Credit report communications.
New BHPH reports.
Recall an account from the main account module without having to load the files menu, simply type the account number and click load.
Switch between Rule of 78 and Simple Interest on an existing account.
New Inventory Title Report(using Key#/Notes for Title info)
Recalculate Deal will fix Billing Dates When removing Double Billing.
NEW WEB BASED CREDIT REPORTS (Throw away the old modem) call 800 701-6686
Better handling of VSI with Bank Menu
Export MTD Excel CSV files
Portfolio selector Help.
More calendar features and improved response
GAP Insurance & VSI profit in MTD reports.
Funding Reminder
Gross report incl doc fee, Gap and Down Pyt Ohio Lease LA&H
Back end Access added to recap printout.Amort Report includes dates
New BHPH Warning option for unbilled accounts
Nee BHPH Move button to move accounts to new folders
Network Enabled Inventory Grid
New Ohio LA&H rates. OH TAX rounding options
New Envelopes/labels from BHPH Accounts(look in reports frm the Files section)
New Exportable inventory reports so you can create your updates to web sites
New Advanced option to show the rebate box all the time.
MTD added Invent tax field,crt tax,2pyt+fee, combined year make and loger vin field
MTD added vin to labels, BHPH added late fees to statement.
New Chrysler Gold key factors
New enhanced lease rollback & exact pyt option
Added Bucket on Tubreport2 Invoice+Markup+oa+lic+taxes vs loan balance
Enhanced Lease Payment Rollbacks, use F3 & F5 to nudge the rate by.0000000001 when needed.
New 1 button switch buyer with co-buyer.
BHPH remembers the last late charge amount or percentage
Addition to Tub2 reports date when payments will cover cost of vehicle.
Added Dealer phone and fax to credit app, and Defaults Module
F&I Menu updated
Save in sold files protection against duplicate quotes, MTD duplicate stock number protection
Added Payment to This week report
Access to our Newsletter from the help menu.
Automatic Cap Reduction Tax Override if Trade Value causes Tax Credit
Lease Disclosure shows Accessories & Gap
Password protect your inventory and sold files from deletion
New Vehicle import! recall V1,V2 and or V3 from a prior deal, save other dealer stock in your pc
Boat &RV Dealers save manufacturers Motor & Trailer list for retrieval
MTD Filter Deal type using Contact in Vehicle Info, New MTD Doc, tax reports
New "This Month" button to speed date entry.
New SEARCH in the recall module find deals by any variable in them, serial numbers, stock, first name etc.
New Inventory Grid! Now you can look at all your cars together, sort and group them as you like
Double click to load.   Check out the pictures below...
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