Buy here Pay here

The Buy Here Pay Here Accounting Module Allows you to carry paper on Leases or Purchases, This Screen lets you bill and post payments, it automatically calculates the Payment due and pay Off at the time the payment is posted. You can save the Account and create reports of the loan or lease progress. This system is integrated to the rest of the Lease Master so you will not find yourself entering information twice. You must choose an account number and later save the file in the home screen with it. Choose the payment number from the Payment # box and save each entry, you can check the report to see the history of the account and the record of your entries.
Payment books or statements may also be printed with ease.
The program can send email reports of activity to the owner without using your desktop mail program, or indicating the user of the sent messages. Detailed reports include deliquency, Metro 2, Unpaid balance and date range, all can be exported to Excell.

Charge fees, renegotiate terms, complete collections module, multiple portfolios, payment books on the fly or statements, get an email every time a payment is posted.

If you have an account number you can go ahead and select Bill Payment first and Post payment Second, The process is automatic. The files button will let you view , filter and recall the account.

Loan or Lease: Choose Loan or Lease with these buttons
Load: Selecting this button will recall the account (You must have an account number entered before making this selection.)
Report: The report button will display a report on the current account.
Save: This button will save the current payment in the account.
Paid by: This box may be dropped down to select a form of payment.
Payment #: Here you may enter the payment number in the schedule of payments. The Lease Master will calculate the calendar payment due and the report will keep track of the actual payments made.
Sale Date: This is the date of the Sale or Lease of the vehicle.
Account # This is the Account number you will use to recall the records for this customer.
Stock # This is the same Stock number used on the Home Screen and for the storage of the sold files.
Customer Here the Name of the customer will be entered for you by the program.
Fee You may select this to enter a Fee instead of a payment.
Payment You would select Payment if that is the type of entry you are making.
Date paid Enter the date of receipt or post mark of the current payment.
Amount This is the amount of the complete payment received.
Late charge Here you may enter any charges imposed and authorized in your contract with the customer.
Notes You can enter notes regarding this payment here.
Check # Enter the Check number.
Last pyt date This information will be loaded from the files.
Balance This is the balance remaining on the loan or lease.
Pay off This is an estimate of the pay off using the rule of 78
Insurance exp Here you may enter and check the Insurance expiration date.
Interest This box displays the Interest portion of the current payment.
Principal This box displays the principal portion of the current payment.
New balance This box will show the new balance after the payment has been made.
Next due date This box will show the next payment due date.
Days late Here you can log how many days late the payment was so you can decide on late charges and maintain credit ratings.
Amount due Here you will see the amount due in the current payment.
Due date Here you will see the Payment due date as specified in the initial sale file.
The Statement button will open the Invoice module which will print out a statement to be mailed to your customer. You can edit the statement by using the Form Maker, the file name is XX1INVPR.LMW
There is also a graphical Invoice selected when you choose the Print Form button.
The Program will bring in the information from the Lease or Purchase modules and fill in most boxes automatically, The first thing you will need to do is to Bill a payment by selecting the button and you may be prompted to save the billing, next will be the posting of the payment received.
The Files button will not work until you have saved an account and you must make sure there are no other files in the :\lease\accts Directory.
This module may be customized for your use ;Please call 800 701-6686 for further instructions.
You can also print Payment Coupons in this module.

If you notice a Date Entry request that shows 12:00:00AM! it means the program had no prior Date to enter and you can enter the date in the proper format MM/DD/YYYY.



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