Adavanced Default

The Advanced Defaults Module is available from the File Menu in either the Lease Home Screen or the Purchase Module, these settings will save with each deal and may also be memorized for future reference and easy selection.

1- B= Broker (license fee and Luxury Tax based on acquisition)
     D= Dealer (License and Luxury Tax based on Selling Price)

2- F= Lease Tax up front rolled into the Cap Cost
     P= Lease Tax Not Up Front but in Payment
     D= Lease Tax up front in Drive Off.

3- Y= New York Lease Tax settings
     J= New Jersey Lease Tax settings
     T= Texas Lease Tax settings with the PPT factors
     0= Other

4- Y= Tax Cap Reduction (if paid in cash)
     N= No tax on cap reduction (If coming from trade in No Trade Tax State)

5- C= Drive letter. Network Mapped Drive letter. Use to assign a network
     server for your Customer Files (The drive must be mapped to your PC)

6- P= Pro rata using Days to calculate the pro rata portion of the payment
     D=Pro rata using the actual amount of the payment
     I= Inventory tax used in the Pro rata box
     S=Sur Tax % used in the pro rata box

7- O=Credit life Outstanding
    D=Credit Life Decreasing
    L=Credit Life Level
    Use the settings recommended by your LAHA provider

8- R= Disability is RetroActive
     N= Disability is Non Retroactive

9- 4= 14 day wait
    3= 30 day wait period for LAHA

10-Y= Add Lic Transfer Battery Fee to Out the Door amount
     N= Do not add to out the door.

11-M=Use Money Factors in Lease
      A= Use APR rate in Lease
      G= Use GMAC Apr rates in Lease

Changes are constantly made to this module and it must be checked after every installation and update to ensure compliance with your requirements.


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